Meg, I get that — it’s your name. But Unlimited?

After being a paid journalist for 25 years, it won’t surprise many that I’m still hooked and remain deeply respectful – and critical – of the imperfect craft I practiced. And fascinated by the titanic forces of change driving both intentional and unintentional shaping and re-shaping of the craft.

Being a poet for even longer, there will be poems, most of those have nothing to do with journalism, but with, in Emily Dickinson’s words, “the Culprit, – Life!”

Surgeons must be very careful

When they take the knife!

Underneath their fine incisions

Stirs the Culprit, – Life!

There are no limits to the paths that words can take and create. For we are, each of us, unlimited.

One thought on “About

  1. Meg: Hi!! It sure has been a long time, but believe me I have thought of you fondly many times across the years! Indeed, I credit you with why I’m still doing this thing we call career journalism – albeit in a far different place that 333 Main St. I now live in Prescott Valley, Az and just seven months ago became a Grammie – my youngest Joy – who you made sure arrived into the world safe and sound because her mother was too dumb to take care of herself properly, and then dammit you left – and her husband, Max, welcomed their first son, Leo. It’s quite the story – I’ll have to tell it to you sometime!!!
    I happened to notice on my calendar it is National Bosses’ Week next week. Got me thinking about who I might want to honor – and you popped into my mind. You were so inspiring to me; you made me see myself in a whole different way and helped hone skills I would have said I didn’t possess! I owe you such a debt of gratitude.
    Kevin and I will celebrate 32 years of marriage this year – my eldest, Noelle, was able to beat back teenage demons and now is a school psychologist and in love – she lives close now but expects to move somewhere far away next year. I’m trying to think about it. My Joy also lives in nearby Prescott, and is a middle school English teacher in a neighboring school district. Plus an awesome mom and wife. (I introduced her to a former colleague of mine – he’s now stay-at-home Dad). Love to say I helped that match happen!
    Read some of your work – awesome as expected. Inspirational, again expected. Hope we can catch up sometime. Take care – you truly were somebody special in my life!!

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